Semiconductor Packaging Market to Achieve Significant Growth in the Near Future

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Semiconductor packaging is conducted to guarantee protection to the wafer or substrate. The packaging is built from materials such as plastic, metal, glass or ceramic and is composed of one or more semiconductor electronic components.

Semiconductor packaging materials are base players of discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits on which other layers are deposited to complete the circuit. Thinner core materials are ideally used to surro system applications.

The validation of lead substrates has increased in comparison to lead frames and bonding wires as the industry advances more towards leadless and cable-less packages.

The market will experience robust growth due to increased demand for smart mobile devices and electronic goods.

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A comprehensive analysis of the market is presented: by Packing Technology, by Material Type, and by Geography. Packaging technology is classified as a grid array, dual flat no-leads package, quad flat package, wafer-level package, dual in-line package, quad flat no-leads package, small outline package. Material type is categorized as organic substrates, lead frames, die attach materials, solder balls, bonding wires, encapsulation resins, ceramic packages, thermal interface materials. Segmentation of the semiconductors packaging market by geography: Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.

A few of the advanced packaging technologies used in semiconductor device packaging are:

  • Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FO WLP)
  • Flip-chip
  • Fan-in wafer-level packaging (FI WLP)
  • 5D/3D

Key vendors in the global semiconductors packaging market are Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Amkor Technology, Samsung Semiconductors, Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing Company.  Other prominent vendors are as listed: China Wafer level CSP, CHIPMOS TECHNOLOGIES, Flipchip International, and HANA Micron among the rest.

The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is changing in wafer size. The rapid technological advancements in wafer processing have always been a vital challenge faced by a vendor and are hindering the growth of this market. The industry is focusing on producing larger diameter wafers which in turn are expected to cut down the manufacturing costs.

One way for the manufacturers to keep the competitive edge in the market is to subsume newer chip packaging options such as 2.5 Dimensional Integrated Circuits and 3 Dimensional Integrated Circuits into the production processes. These enhanced packaging technologies offer shallow power consumption, extended flip-chip connectivity, increased chip connectivity and wafer-level capabilities.

Our global semiconductor packaging market report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the market.



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