What Our Customers Say

I have been using a lot of the data for some targeted marketing, so many thanks for that. We loved your customer support.

Steve van Zutphen

Business Development, Italmatch Group

I appreciate your assiduous efforts in delivering the final report on-time. I understand that the time-frame was too short to cover all that we inquired, but you guys still made it. And your attitude of helping us was fantastic too.

Nicola Hackett Reed

Senior Consultant, GGI

Thank you for the kind support of your team! I have received the final report and the report is really helpful for me. Moreover, I will contact you, If I have any new need for market research materials, of course. Thank you once again.

Thomas Holtham

Strategic Market & Financial Planning Analyst, Nasmyth Group

The information is great. Envision Intelligence has helped us with valuable insights on new and existing customer segments to help frame our sales, distribution and product development strategies. We also seek a more detailed report on sub-segments in future collaborations

Laurent PEPIN

International Project Manager, GENOPOLE

The market numbers supplied by Envision Intelligence helped us successfully conclude our ongoing project and we are pleased with this purchase.


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PWC)

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Our Services

Consumer Insights

  • Economic and demographic outlook
  • Accurate portrayal of consumer segments
  • Consumer lifestyle changes
  • Technological and Social trends
  • Impact analysis

Market Estimation and Forecasting

  • Marco-economic Monitoring
  • Extensive datasets for Multiple Segments
  • Cross-segment Numerical Data
  • Regional/country wise Quantitative Analysis

Market and Product Strategy

  • Extensive Product Mapping and Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Product Lifecycle Analysis
  • Product Positioning and Future Outlook
  • Market Entry Strategies

Industry Structure and Competitive Landscape

  • Porters Five Force Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Profitability Margins
  • R & D Structure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Activity
  • Co-operative Agreements
  • Company Profiles

Exclusive Benefits

Credibility and Transparency

We actively recruit consumers, business professionals, and hard-to-reach individuals as members of our research panels, and we build trusted, ongoing relationships with them. Thus we provide the complete list of primary and secondary data sources in the report to maintain the transparency and to assure the credibility.

Exhaustive Coverage

Detailed and extensive coverage in the geography.Survey consultation for brand tracking, concept testing, consumer behaviour, and more, we have you covered with market research services that scale to meet your needs.

Competitive Edge

Our reports cover most recent updates in the market till the date of the purchase. We identify, gather and timely deliver analysis on impact of unprecedented decisions of CXOs in COVID-19 catastrophe on many businesses, their clients and their clients' clients without additional cost.

Golden Opportunities

A comprehensive strategic sieve analysis of the market by our analysts and consultants, aided by AI tools helps us find the non-obvious, golden and emerging opportunities for you to evaluate.

Top-notch Reports Guaranteed

70% of our research is exclusive; no other research firm has the depth and breadth of our research.

Post Purchase Support

Post-purchase support is provided for all our reports, for three months from the date of purchase, where related queries will be answered within 24 business hours over telephone or email.