Business Insights

  1. EI business insights offer a unique view of customer behavior, market activity and industry trends.
  2. EI is a global information consulting and analytics organization that combines real behavioral information with sophisticated analytics to reveal unique insights.
  3. We transform raw data into a suite of powerful business intelligence offerings and extract useful insights from customer data. Deciphering vast amounts of data to find new opportunities is the Holy Grail of our business.
  4. We have a wealth of information that sheds light on the actual aggregate spending behaviors of consumers and enables us to see trends as they are developing.
  5. Our solutions can help you increase engagement with current customers, find and acquire new ones, improve business planning, benchmark against the cut throat competition.
  6. Holistic insights by looking and integrating across different survey studies, across different verticals, dig through internal customer data.
  7. This holistic approach allows us to generate unique perspective.
  8. Our insights are data-driven, actionable; create business values with great data and tools.
  9. We enhance market understanding by collecting- data from blogs, reports, statistics, data scientists, marketers, algorithms and visualization tools, search, social network engagement, through forums, reviews and ad engagements.Connecting- look at data differently by show and genre.
  10. Reasons behind our success:
    • Good data
    • Smart people
    • Speed
    • Personalized experience
    • Timeliness
    • Multivariate modeling
    •  Credibility
  12. We are constantly evolving in terms of how we measure, who we measure and where we measure.
  13. We are curious about people, markets, brands and society. We help your business grow and help you drive profitable growth.
  14. We inspire our clients to make smart decisions and deliver precise. We continue to develop better solutions to help you meet the needs of today’s consumers and find out where they’re headed next.


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