Where Investors Should Narrow Their Focus on in 2020


It’s that time of the year when investors are starting to plan their strategies based on the outlooks for the upcoming year. Well, considering the state of the world right now and how unpredictable even the near future is – the whole fog of uncertainty is affecting the strategy-making process and immediate action making. That being said, even though no one can guarantee what is or isn’t going to happen, some things are more definitive and stable than the others – and that’s where this article comes in.

Here, we have compiled some useful advice and information to help you shift your focus the right way regarding investment.

First things first

Clearly, it is essential to know what you should invest in, but the research behind it is crucial. It’s easier to look up the investment potential of the company in mind. Still, in the world of investment, the factors behind every investment like predicting future trends, knowing how similar investments and situations resulted in the past, and similar are the parameters that separate a well-calculated investment from a borderline gamble. So that being said – let’s talk about some things that you should consider when making your investment strategy.


The impact of Coronavirus

Unfortunately, Coronavirus is probably the biggest thing that happened to the whole world in 2020. No matter how all of us want the situation to change and be over with, the reality is that the entire case will significantly impact many branches. But, even though that’s true, it’s not all so grim. New struggles lead to new possibilities, so, instead of looking at the depressing side of things, let’s focus on the positive and overcome this daunting time!

What has happened so far?

It has definitely been a bumpy ride so far when it comes to the stock market. It has already crashed, and then actually recovered multiple times, basically whenever a glimmer of good news was broadcasted, such as the death rate stabilizing or that lockdown restrictions were easing.

Value investment

Even though it can be daunting to invest a lot of money in more prominent companies right now, there is a way to lower the investment risk – turning to value investment. This strategy is the opposite of growth investing, where buyers pay high prices for future investment growth. On the other hand, value investing is based on picking up companies whose price is low compared with their fundamental value.

Most promising sectors

Now, as always, there are specific sectors that are actually benefiting from this whole situation, and your investment should be keeping a close eye on them. So, who are they? Well, the most obvious ones are the companies that provide online services. Basically, everything that can be possibly done online is done; you should look into the companies that provide online services, ranging from entertainment to business and shopping.

Investment strategies, do you need to make them alone?

Many investors have exact achievements in mind when creating their investment strategies. This comes easily for the experienced pros since they already have accomplished a lot and know how to get to where they want to be. But, not everyone is in that position, so what about the beginners? 

Where to begin?

Most of the ideas behind getting into an investment vary from having a good retirement fund to buying a dream car. There is nothing wrong with any of them, and we say go for it – but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by these ideas. The path that leads to accomplishment isn’t always so clear, but some companies provide services suited precisely for these situations. Experts from https://approvedfranchises.co.uk/ explain how up to date information and the right guidance not only make your investment safer but can also save you time and money. How so? Well, by evading the wrong decisions, and with someone to explain and point out the most important variables – your chances of success rise exponentially. 

Eco awareness – is it slowly losing pace?

First of all, eco-awareness should absolutely not lose pace, and secondly, it absolutely isn’t! In fact, in the wake of the pandemic people are actually more concerned than ever about addressing environmental challenges. And not only are people thinking more about addressing these issues, but they are also more committed to changing their own behavior to advance sustainability. 

So, what impact does this have on investment?

Well, besides the overall significant impact on the entire planet, the investment world also benefits – and all because of the enormous potential of the reuse/reduce/recycle bandwagon. This means that it’s a great time to invest in companies that are providing such eco-aware services. Eco awareness certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the stock prices are just going to go up, so don’t waste this opportunity!


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-calculator-near-ballpoint-pen-on-white-printed-paper-53621/

Wellness products and their place in the investment world

The wellness industry is experiencing constant growth in the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to slow down; in fact, it’s only growing faster. The stress regarding the Coronavirus situation only appears to have pushed the wellness industry even more!

What has the biggest money-making potential?

Cannabidiol products! Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from cannabis but extracted in such a way that no THC resides in CBD products, so they can’t actually get you high. They are perfectly legal, and they provide some great health benefits. A lot of money goes into studies regarding the impact of CBD on health, and when science gets involved – you know that it’s serious business!


So, all of that being said, be sure to look out for launches from existing health and beauty manufacturers and invest! And be sure to look even broader than just the health and beauty industry, because CBD is rapidly expanding into other sectors as well!

To sum it up

In the end, when it comes to investment, it’s never possible to precisely predict how things are going to turn out. But, that doesn’t mean that investment is a form of a gamble – on the contrary, there are many things that you can do to have a better understanding of the whole process and everything that comes into it. And if you do this right, if you understand all the variables, you will, without a doubt, be able to make the right decision!

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