What to Expect from Memristor Market in The Near Future?

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Memristor is the memory resistor; it can be well-defined as a two terminal electrical component electric charge and magnetic flux linkage. It is the passive element and fourth fundamental circuit element, its resistance depends on the amount of charge passed through the device. It is invented in the year 1971 by the ‘LEAN CHUA’. Memristor is used for electronics, IT and Telecom, automotive and industrial purposes.

According to envision inteligence market report, the size of the memristor market is predicted to witness brisk CAGR of 81.2% and projected to reach the $385.25 million by the end of 2024. Geographically North America has the highest size expecting to reach the $101 million by 2024 at a CAGR of 84.2%. In the year 2017, the U.S. registered the increasing growth of 14% CAGR in the memristor market. Hewlett Packard Company enjoyed the increasing size of 28.60 % in the supercomputer in the year 2017.

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Increasing demand in the technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, 3D design capabilities, supercomputers, servers, data centres and automation driving memristor market growth and is expected to have to elevate growth in an upcoming couple of decades owing to the technological innovations and automation in this modern world. In the present scenario, electronics occupies the significant part in the growth of the memristor market because of the technological innovations and developments, many of the company are releasing the novel products is also one of the factors for the growth of the memristor market. IOT and automation owe to have the greater heights in the scale of the growth in the coming decades. North America is accounting for the dominant market share in the memristor market because of the major application of memristors in that region.

The growing acceptance of wearable devices is one of the significant trends that will gain traction in the memristor devices market during the next few years. Trends of the memristor market occupy the major part in the increasing growth of the memristor market such as technological advancements and novel products development in the memristor devices, and company collaborations are also among the significant aspects which are contributing for the trending growth of the memristor market.

In June 2017, Hewlett Packard company enterprise a research grants to develop new supercomputer architecture. HPE’s vision for memory driven computing architecture.

In February 2017, Panasonic semi-conductors partnered with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) to jointly develop next-generation 40nm resistive RAM technology for the mass production at UMC.

The memristor devices market is significantly fragmented owing to the presence of several established international, regional, and local vendors. Electronics segment accounted for the dominant share in the overall memristor market, and usage of memristor devices remain positive owing to the rising amount of data being generated. Growing number of consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, laptops and other appliances is bolstering the market growth of memristor devices.

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