Top Tea Brands In World


The words from great scientists helped the evolution of a recreational drink, Tea which is native to Asia. Tea has unique features named catechins which mean in the technical terms antioxidants that help in increasing the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel that accounts for improved muscle endurance, taking tea daily could reduce the risk of heart attack and also helps protect against cardiovascular & degenerative diseases. Coming to the benefits of the tea, the antioxidants in tea might help protect against numerous cancers, including breast, colon, colorectal, skin, lung, esophagus, stomach small intestine, pancreas, liver, ovarian, prostate and oral cancer. Tea is high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity which helps to destroy the free radicals in the body to prevent DNA damage and will hydrate the body. It is the best of use of some factor like counteracting some of the negative effects of smoking, might even lessen the risk of lung cancer and consumption of green tea is very beneficial for the diabetes patients.

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Top Tea Brands In World

  1.  Twinings
  2.  Tazo
  3. The Republic of Tea
  4. Lipton
  5. Yorkshire Tea
  6. Celestial Seasoning
  7. Harney & Sons
  8. Dilmah
  9. Bigelow
  10. Tetley

Tetley Company is one of the biggest tea brand producer company, this company has introduced green and flavoured tea, Tetley production & distribution are seen across 40 countries, and Tetley produces over 60 branded tea bags & main products like black tea, green tea, flavoured tea and packing bags. Bigelow Company has the tea production since 1945, and it is treated as one of the top brand tea producers. Bigelow Company produces various types of tea like black tea, herbal tea, green tea, iced tea, seasonal tea and it also produce tea in various flavours like apple, blueberry, caramel, chai, chocolate and cinnamon. Dilmah Company was founded in the year 1974, and the latest trend of this company is recognized as an international brand from SriLanka. Dilmah in the present scenario acquires the most skilled tea maker in the world; it has the mastered quality & varieties of tea products like pure peppermint leaves, pure green tea, earl grey, premium leaf tea, tea bags, Moroccan mint green tea and caramel flavoured tea. Harey & Sons were established in the year 1983 in Connecticut and specialized in producing loose tea of high quality, herbal teas and various organic products. Celestial Seasonings Company is specialized for herbal lovers and focused on the production of green tea, white and black teas. Yorkshire Tea Company is known for the production of black tea, and it is considered the second most brand in the United Kingdom and specialized in green tea, fruit and herbal infusions. Lipton Company is a British brand tea owned by Unilever, and their special products include matcha green tea & mint, green iced tea citrus, berry hibiscus and black iced tea peach. The Republic of Tea Company is an American owned brand, established in the year 1992 and the republic of tea blends organic, exotic tea and along with organic teas. Tazo Company blends with various other herbs & spice to get various flavours of tea and produces various flavours. Twining Company is one of the leading tea brand producers, and it is famous for producing many aromatic blends of tea and is liked by tea lovers. The main products of the twining company tea are flavoured tea, black tea, fruit & herbal tea, green tea, Darjeeling tea and ginger tea.

According to the Envision Inteligence research organic tea relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local condition rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Certified organic tea is free from synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and sustains the health of soils, ecosystem and people.

Some Of The Best Organic Tea Brands

  • Numi Organic Tea
  • Stash Tea
  • Tea Leaf Company
  • Yogi Tea
  • Traditional Medicinals
  • Rishi Tea
  • Choice Organic Tea
  • Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
  • Mighty Leaf
  • Pukka Tea

In the present scenario, there is an increasing demand for organic tea products and brands due to rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Increasing consumer demand for healthy foods and beverage products, reducing excess body fat, increases the metabolic rate without any significant side effects is boosting the market in the coming years. In the present scenario, organic tea is now widely used in various forms, it is available in the form of oil, as organic tea oil extracts and is finding increasing use as it easy to store & has the greater shelf life, organic tea contains anti-microbial agents making them a healthier drink than others. Coming to the market trends, the introduction of several new organic tea flavours due to the growing awareness amongst consumers about the harmful chemical constituents of the most packaged food products is further fuelling the demand for the tea market.

Top Tea Companies In The World

  1. Unilever PLC
  2. Kusmi Tea
  3. Associated British Foods PLC
  4. Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  5. Tata Global Beverages
  6. David’s Tea
  7. Starbucks Corporation
  8. Nestle S.A.
  9. Tea Forte
  10. Bettys & Taylors Group Ltd.
  11. Akbar Brothers LTD
  12. Apeejay Surrendra Group

According to the envision inteligence market report, the tea brands are holding a major share of 5% during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to health benefits associated with tea, increasing awareness among people for losing weight, expanding the retail market, the introduction of new flavours and decreasing demand for the carbonated drinks. These are all the factors which are contributing to the major role in the increasing growth tea manufacturing companies. Coming to the geography Asia-Pacific has the major growth in the tea manufacturing companies due to the introducing of the novel flavours into the market and increasing demand of tea because it helps in the healing scars, managing weight and improves quality of the skin. China and India are the most lucrative markets in the region for the manufacturers to catch up owing to high demand from consumers.

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