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The data centre is a composed facility of house computing like servers, firewall, switches and support component like backup equipment, fire suspension facilities and air conditioning. Data centres are witnessing high participation in businesses for storage, processing and disseminating the data and in the case of a business organisation, organisations typically rely heavily upon the services, application, data contained within a data centre and critical assets for daily operations. In 1940, the first data centre was established in the huge computer room and data centre growth projections during the period 1997-2000 were bolstered by fast internet connectivity and non-stop operation, and this started the deployment within the companies. The collective set of processes to physically construct a data centre facility is known as data centre construction. It combines construction standards data centre operational environment requirements and provide power for all servers, equipment and perceive for the future use.

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data centre construction market

Due to rapid requirement of internet services and storage facilities, there is an increasing number of data centres, and major key players of the data centre construction market are financially stable such as Turner Construction Company has constructed the data center in the Canada with two-story 110,000 square foot addition for operational data center which include 25,000 square feet of raised floor space. Structure tone company team managed the construction of the first high-density data centre for Yahoo organisation. HITT contracting constructed specialised colocation data centre for 22.5-MW in Northern Virginia Sterling. JE DUNN Company constructed a multi-phased modular data centre for Cyrus One which includes 208, 000 square foot data centre. Mortenson Company constructed the stream data centre consisting of 3 private 1.125 MW data centre suites. Fortis Construction, Inc. constructed the first Facebook data centre in the Asia Pacific region. DPR Construction Company had an agreement to build Facebook Sweden data centre.
6.	data center construction market sizeAccording to the Envision Inteligence data centre construction market report, increasing IT-based industries, rapid growth in data traffic due to IoT, data from the data analytics tools and solutions, and emerging demand for the cloud-based services are the factors which are driving the growth of data centre market. Also, increasing number of data centre expenditures by the major key players because of the dependency on the fast internet services in the market, the sophisticated data centres construction is on rising from the past five years. More than three million data centre is existing in the U.S., which averages about one data centre for a hundred persons. Increasing demand and adoption of the cloud-based data centres owing to the need for safer data, ease in accessing the information and tools required for the organisation or industry accomplishments. Increasing number of companies and collaboration for new technologies like Huawei Co, Ltd. The company is providing a complete array of IT infrastructure & services for effective expenses and migrating smoothly into the era of cloud computing. End-to-End solutions which ensure the directness for users, application, data and efficiency agility are likely to witness growth shortly. The edgecore real estate had started building data centres in its mesa data centre campus, and investment of $150 million has been made on its first data centre construction. Social websites and app-based companies are establishing their own data centres such as Facebook Inc. was planning to build data centre worth of $2.5 billion and an initial investment of $750 million and extends data centre of about 970,000 square feet

Electrical construction made the largest contribution to the market size equivalent to $13.29 billion, and general construction with a market size of $12.22 Billion and mechanical construction segment accounting for $9.26 billion in 2017 and the analysis is carried out for data centre construction forecast 2018-2025. Electrical construction distributes the power to the equipment for a safe and is of high reliability with the help of the high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, switchboards, panelboards and distributing units. Mechanical construction in the data centre is used for the design, planning and coordination technology.

data center construction forecast 2018

Because of increasing growth in the IT and telecommunication and network services, data center colocation grasps the high attention of the business organization because of the decreasing operational of expenditure and provides space, cooling, physical security for the server, storage and major companies are willing to invest in the data centre colocation and is boosting the global data centre construction market growth. Connected devices had occupied the prominent role in the data centre construction market leading to increasing data traffic, and more than 20 million connected devices are generating data. Banking and finance sector is witnessing to be one of the largest generators of data as it uses data centres for storing customer records, employee management transaction and electronic banking services like remote banking. Major banks are maintaining their own data centres for the storage of a large amount of data. U.S. bank had announced to build $250 million for building data centre in Chaska in a 56,000-square-foot facility.

By geography, North America acquired the largest market share owing to emerging adoption of data centres and an increasing number of companies and collaborations between fortune 500 and tier 1 companies with the data centre construction companies. From the past few years, U.S. is one of the leaders in the adoption of new technologies. Increasing demand for big data analytics to avoid falling short on traditional storage had paved the way for the construction of new data centres and colocation centres, especially for the business analytics. Emerging growth in adoption of small and medium-sized enterprises and home networks in this region is bolstering the development of data centres in this region and is set to drive the growth of the global data centre market consistently during 2019 – 2025. The services industry in the U.S. has been growing at a vigorous level and is leading to the generation of the huge volume of data.

Moreover, the presence of market incumbents is another factor which is expected to promote the growth of the data centre construction market in this region. APAC region will witness substantial growth in the data centre construction market and will grow with the high CAGR of 9.02% during the forecast period owing to the increasing acquisitions & mergers among the major key players, increasing revenue for facilities construction and expansion projects to accommodate the demand for services. From the European region, U.K is accounting for the large market share because of the increasing technological advancements, growing number of data centres, emerging growth in the adoption of the cloud-based services and growing data traffic due to IoT in this region.

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