Packaging is the Fifth Pillar of Effective Marketing


It doesn’t matter what nature your business is and what products you are selling; marketing serves as the essential backbone of your business success. Have you ever witnessed a company thrive, survive, and succeed without successful marketing? We are sure that the answer to this question is No. Business and marketing go hand-in-hand. In case you are wondering what it means, it means that no business can succeed without a set of effective marketing strategies. And product packaging, along with packaging supplies, is just one of them. That said, the packaging of a product plays a crucial role in connecting with potential consumers and buying a product. Read on to learn more about packaging and what role it plays for effective marketing.

The 5 Ps of Effective Marketing
An effective marketing strategy involves channeling your limited resources towards a well-thought-out comprehensive plan to obtain the business goals. Typically, when it comes to effective marketing strategies, there are five pillars, also known as the five Ps. The absence of one of the Ps can fail the marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at the five Ps below:

1) Product
No marketing strategy can be effective unless your products and services are of top-quality. In other words, your products and services must have the potential to sell. You must also be aware of your target audience and do your homework before launching a product in the markets. For instance, if you are selling water bottles, you will be more likely to face disappointment if you are selling plastic water bottles. If you search the internet and analyze the markets, you will see that the demand for plastic water bottles is non-existent. People have become more aware of environment-friendly products. In this example, if you were to sell water bottles, you would want to ensure that it is top-quality and environment friendly.

2) Promotion
The promotion of your products and services is another core element of effective marketing strategies. Product promotion relies heavily on your awareness of your potential target audience. You have to come up with a promotional design that will make your products sell like hotdogs. In other words, you and your marketing team must come up with compelling, communicative, and appealing ways to raise brand awareness while launching the products. You might also seek the services of a brand management company in this regard.

3) Price
Before you lay the pricing plan for your products and services, we recommend conducting in-depth market research. Now, pricing is not as simple as it looks. On one side, high pricing indicates the right quality products that are worth the value. Therefore, a specific group of customers will be attracted to buy the products. On the other hand, low pricing is an effective strategy to sell more as people will appreciate the products’ lower cost.

4) Place
Suppose your product has been successfully launched in the markets and stores, but it is not selling. One reason for this scenario could be the wrong place for the products. With that said, you have to consider the area as other aspects of the products. When we say place, we also include the intangible place, such as where and when the ads run to promote your products and services.

5) Packaging
The packaging is essential for all product-related services. Customized packaging ensures that your products get notices in the aisles as they stand out from other products. Something that appeals to the eyes also appeals to the heart. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how great packaging can boost your sale. Many customers make their buying decisions on how a product packaging looks and feels. Also, they look forward to a fantastic unboxing experience. This is why successful companies never ignore the excellent packaging of their products.

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