The Global Inductor Market is Expected to Rise at a Robust CAGR By 2024.

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An inductor is an integral part of all electronic devices. It is a type of passive electronic component that finds application in a plethora of areas such as the automobile, electronics, healthcare, industrial, transmission and distribution, manufacturing segment, RF and telecommunication, military and defense, in filters, sensors, transformers, motors and energy storages among others. Inductors are widely employed in the organization of power.

An inductor is an electronic device having one or more turns of wire and usually having terminals. An inductor is connected to a circuit to upraise the inductance to the desired value. Inductors are significantly used in power management as well.
Inductance is a characteristic that changes with frequency. Inductors range from one loop in a length of wire to substantial coils of insulated wire wound onto iron or ferrite cores.

Inductors are extensively used in signal processing, voltage stabilization, and automobile operations.
The availability of surplus electronic devices leads to a demand for different types of inductors of various shapes and sizes determined by the use.

With swift advancement in technology, manufacturers are focusing attention on diminishing the size of inductors while enhancing its capabilities.

Inductors are segregated on the premise of application, core type, geography, and type. The varied kinds of inductors are coupled inductors, fixed inductors, multi-layered inductors, power inductors, RF inductors, variable inductors and other inductors like chokes, molded inductors, and surface mount inductors are also gaining prominence.

Fixed inductors are expected to hold a significant chunk of the market. They aid in attaining smaller form factors for electronic products owing to their compact size, height, and weight.
Especially power inductors are playing a prime role in the inductors market.

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The diverse core types offered in an inductor are air core, ceramic core, ferromagnetic core/ferrite core, laminated core and toroidal cores.

Solid cores, nonetheless offer the lead of raising the inductance. Ferrites are equally used since they are non-conductors and are immune to eddy currents.

The study recognizes and evaluates the market dynamics such as market drivers, restraints, opportunities and industry-specific challenges.

The major players in inductor manufacturing are TDK, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Inc., Sumida Corporation, Vishay Intertechnology Inc to name a few.

Ever growing market for consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, set-top boxes, portable gaming consoles is the vital factor which is driving the need for various inductors worldwide.
Advancement of global inductor market is also fuelled by soaring demand for inductors by telecommunications, industrial, automotive and defense sector.

With the brisk escalation of smartphones, gaming devices, computers, tablets and other electronic devices, the consumer electronics segment engages a significant market share.
The inductor market is unfolding due to the rise in the need for consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, and others. The jump in demand for compact and lightweight devices, the evolution of smart grids, automotive and power-efficiency is driving the inductor market.
Sweeping evolutions in telecommunications raised the demand for inductors.

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