Endoscopy Market Trends & Developments

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Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure, used to examine the interior parts of the body. These procedures are commonly used to investigate unusual symptoms, retrieve biopsy and help to perform certain types of surgeries. Endoscopy devices offer clinical solutions to the demands of swiftly moving world by close examination of internal organs. Endoscopy has evolved from a light guiding instrument used to examine the urinary tract to a development of flexible endoscopy with a broad range of applications. However, advancements in various other technologies such as imaging, illumination, microprocessors, and communication have played a substantial role in the evolution of endoscopy.

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Endoscopes are used to examine various parts of the body including the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, reproductive tract, urinary tract, and surgeries. The advancement in technology helps physicians for a better treatment and also makes surgical treatments easier. Various techniques of endoscopy include colonoscopy, enteroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, laparoscopy, and others. In recent years, endoscopy has seen a variety of innovations. Even today, most of the minimally invasive surgical procedure uses rigid endoscopes including laparoscopes and arthroscopes, with lens based on the optical system. Endoscopy market trends include combining of different imaging and visualization methods such as MRI or CT with endoscopic images, the connection, and integration of medical devices in the operating theatre and also combining endoscopic visualizations with lasers and other devices will further push the technological advancements. Moreover, recent advancements in high-speed data acquisition technology, ultrahigh speed Optical coherence tomography imaging allow visualization of the tissue dynamic or 3D tissue structure within a short time.

Endoscopy market trends include numerous endoscopy techniques are used to visualize the gullet, small bowel, stomach, and others. These techniques at times are incomplete and cause discomfort that led to the requirement of sedation and analgesia. Capsule technique helps to examine the gastrointestinal tract completely. Increasing technological advancements improved visualization of the capsule endoscopy devices. Chip-in-scope and LED-in-scope, combines with full HD image sensors, offer new opportunities in the endoscopic field to develop new products.

Rising incidence of gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, and other chronic diseases enhances the endoscope usage. Increasing number of free-trade agreements, growing healthcare infrastructure in developing economies, rising preference for minimally invasive surgeries, capsule endoscopy, miniaturized systems, harmonic drive systems, dissatisfactory medical demands in developing countries are the major opportunities that drive the use of endoscopy devices.  As per the Envision Intelligence estimates, the endoscopy market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.95% and is expected to reach approximately USD 46.4 billion by the end of 2024.

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