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Digital Pathology, which also refers as virtual microscopy, incorporates capturing, sharing, managing, interpreting and analysing the digital information from a glass slide. Pathology is a study of disease whether caused by pathogens or non- infectious, physical disorder; it refers to the scientific study of disease processes; it occupies a vital role in all type of drug discoveries. Digital pathology technology is widely used in the scanners, software, communication systems and storage systems and helps in the improvement of operational efficiency, enhancing productivity, developments in treatment decisions and patient care. In the year 1990s principle of virtual microscopy is used in the life science areas, and in the year 2000 scientific community agreed the term digital pathology denote digitisation efforts in pathology and later digital pathology technology is used in the various kind of applications. On 12 April 2017, the food and drug administration in the U.S. allows the first whole slide imaging system for digital pathology. FDA has approved digital pathology for the primary diagnosis like prognosis, prediction of cancer and efficient method to deliver faster & accurate test results.

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According to the global digital pathology market share, the human pathology has a prominent share during the forecast period owing to growing number of cancer research activities. Digitising technology makes the workflow more efficient & faster, better monitoring facilities in various areas during diagnosis, availability of digital technology also enables to work from anywhere at any time.   Scanners have a moderate share owing to the increasing adoption and developing efficiency in clinical labs facilities. Coming to the digital pathology applications disease diagnosis has the large share in the present scenario owing to facilitate personalised medicine, analyse data to understand the link between tests & treatments, maximise outcomes and it also enables the pathologist to access prior data and data from a spectrum of different data sites swiftly. Teleconsulting has substantial growth in the present scenario owing to the shortage of pathologists in developing countries, increasing requirement for better quality and enhancing the utilisation of teleconsultation applications for the fast diagnosis. Digital pathology has a vital role in the drug discovery suck as finding new potential medicines, a wide range of scientific discipline & technology in the pharmacology, biology and chemistry areas. Digital pathology technologies are satisfying the needs of hospitals & reference laboratories and pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies such as implementation of novel technologies for the diagnosis & tests, growing usage of pathology for bio banking, molecular assays and in the area of biopharmaceutical studies, these are the factors, which are contributing the high share in the market during the forecast period.    
digital pathology market size
Global digital pathology market has the prominent growth owing to the greater demand for the digitalisation in the medical sector, emerging usage in the applications of the digital pathology in drug development, growing number of chronical diseases such as cancer, increasing pathological tests & enhancing clinical lab efficiency & activities for the patients tests and diagnosis and increasing collaboration of the major key players for the novel technological advancements  for the beneficial usage of digital pathology technology in various sectors and to have substantial growth for their organizations. Major Key players are introducing the novel technologies which overcome the shortage of the pathologists, affordable scanners for private pathology practices, integration of laboratory information system and personalised medicines is the factor which is providing an ample number of opportunities in a coming couple of decades. Some of the factors like the high expenses of the digital pathology system and no proper guidelines are hampering the growth of the digital pathology market.

According to the envision intelligence report the digital pathology market trends such as more number of major key players are collaborating such as  Microsoft, and SRL diagnostics jointly develop the digital pathology technology with artificial intelligence for the study cells and tissues, devices for eye care and cardiology and the introduction of novel technologies.  Leading health technology company Philips has announced novel digital pathology technology called intellisite pathology solutions to install in the Oxford university hospitals for diagnosis. Ventana medical systems, Inc. released the latest version of its virtuoso digital image technology for the history lab specimen tracking. Bayer AG Company and Leica Biosystems together developed companion diagnostic tests for cancer patients. For the full line of tissue processors, Leica Biosystems releases the novel Histocore pearl and simple-to-use system, which enhances user safety.

Digital pathology market Leaders

  • GE Healthcare
  • Perkin Elmer, Inc.
  • Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Definiens AG
  • Sectra AB
  • Philips N.V
  • Inspirata Co.
  • Carl Zeiss AG
  • Bayer AG
  • Microsoft Corporation

As per the envision intelligence the size of the digital pathology market is value will be $0.39 billion in 2018, and it is expected to reach $0.95 billion by 2025 at CAGR of 13.4% from the forecast period from 2019 -2025. Geographically North America is holding more than 40% in the size of the digital pathology market during the forecast period owing to more number of significant players and increasing technological advancement in the digital pathology for clinical lab activities in this region. The Asia Pacific is showing a high growth rate of 12.8% in the digital pathology market from the forecast period due to the increasing government initiatives and growing usage of digital pathology technology in the application of drug development and companion diagnostics in this region.
digital pathology market size

Brazil and Argentina countries have substantial growth owing to the increasing demand for training & education and presence of some of the key players. From Europe region, U.K and Germany have the moderate growth in the digital pathology market during the forecast period due to emerging usage of teleconsultation for better quality and fast diagnosis and increasing demand for the software because of user-friendly and advanced functions for pathology diagnosis. UAE and South Africa have generous growth owing to the increasing number of chronic diseases like cancer and increasing technological innovation in the digital pathology for the diagnosis and tests.

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