Effective Ways to Increase Your Website’s Traffic


Much like physical stores, websites need visitors to be able to have more opportunities. With more opportunities, you get to widen your reach and build an impression, which then helps your brand. Managing your website traffic isn’t all about the visitors though, you have to have something that makes people visit your site. Moreover, you have to have quality visitors. Take note that not all traffic is good. In actuality, bad traffic may even damage your brand.

Alright, so, you have to have visitors. That much is clear, but how? Read on to find out.

How Do You Increase Your Website Traffic?

Having more people visit your website is always a good thing. There are many ways to increase your website traffic, and it can feel daunting and feel like a blessing at the same time. It’s harder to choose when you’re given too many options, so I shortened them to seven!

1. Pay attention to your keywords

Keywords are important as they are used to lead visitors to your website or something associated with your brand. Hence, you should pay close attention to the keywords you use.

It’s safe to say that it’s not as simple as finding a high-volume keyword and using the said keyword. No, you have to have a strategy and use a variety of terms related to your brand.

It doesn’t even have to be directly related. You can expand your keywords as long as they are somehow related to your brand. And if you do choose to expand, identify your search intent and serve that in your content.

2. Boost your On-page SEO

Since we find websites through search, it isn’t surprising how online marketers turn to SEO to drive traffic. What you do in your On-page SEO is optimizing your website’s content and structure by making it accessible, relevant, and useful. On-page SEO techniques make a huge difference in website traffic.

SEO techniques differ from place to place. People from the UK target differently compared with professionals from the US. Most of them hire a UK SEO expert to tweak and maintain their websites, making them accessible for search engines as well. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is to focus on your location and the current trends that are going on there.

Some SEO techniques are only done once, like setting up structure. Some are done regularly, such as improving page load speed or doing some keyword research for each subject of your content. Consider using SEO tools as well!

3. Manage Backlinks and Strengthen Link Building

Backlinks are important as they are one of Google’s ranking factors, and of course, they boost website traffic. They provide value to both websites and users and show search engines whether or not your brand is gaining recognition.

You can boost your backlink profile by doing guest posting. It usually involves an exchange between two websites which could strengthen your link building. There’s also this term called natural link building and it happens when other websites, web owners, and bloggers from your niche link to your content voluntarily. Link building isn’t easy. However, reaching out to other sites in your niche means getting potential visitors and readers. It’s a win-win situation, really.

4. Have Good Content

Content is everything and greatly affects how many people your website will reach. The key is to make content that people will love, recommend to others, and connect to them enough to eventually lead to conversions.

Content isn’t just blogging. So, it’s nice to know that you can have infographics up your website for easily-digestible information that is also pleasing to the eyes. You can have videos as well. Also, make sure that your content matches your target market. Anything that would engage people and attract them to your website is content. Moreover, be sure to be consistent in the quality of your content! They don’t have to be big-budget productions, they just have to be more shareable.

Speaking of shareability, you’re encouraged to add social share buttons. They don’t cost anything and are capable of amplifying ranks.

5. Have Extra Benefits

Free stuff is always a delight, so why not give something free for your audience? The type you can give for free depends on your brand and your standing, budget-wise. Take note though that it’s better if you look into what your competitors are doing for inspiration, in case you’re having a hard time deciding on what to offer your audience for free.

For example, you can give a coupon for a specific number of orders. You can also host giveaways or contests which capitalize on time limits. People are more likely to participate due to urgency and fear of missing out. Like with everything we’ve tackled so far, this should be done with strategy.

6. Make Good Use of Your Social Media

Social media is another one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, and this can be either paid or organic.

Create a Facebook Page and build a strong online presence by posting weekly and engaging with your audience. Also, build or join a community. Share your content! Social sharing was found to boost website links per year, so optimize the shares in a way that leads to your website.

7. Use Advertising

You can opt to go local, especially if you are a small business. This way, you can appeal to those who are near to you and can serve you directly. It also puts you in front of an audience who can support you locally.

You can engage with your community outside of websites by associating yourself with local events and advertising there. It’s relatively low-budget but it pays off as it can drive traffic through word-of-mouth recommendations.

You can also run ads through social media. Investing in Google ads is actually a quick way to increase website traffic.

Benefits of Increasing Website Traffic

Basically, by increasing website traffic, you get more audience to cater to. It gives your brand a reputable name. This can make your brand bloom and you end up with more revenue.

However, do not forget to plan things strategically. All of these tips have strategic planning as a common ground, and rightfully so. You can’t just put whatever content you think is visually pleasing, they have to be related and important to your brand.

In the same way, you can’t just run ads upfront. You have to have a structurally-sound website first. You also have to consider your budget and plan how much ends up where so you don’t end up spending more than earning.

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