Dental 3D Printing Market Expected To Reach Worth $7.98 Billion By 2025

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3D printing technology is growing rapidly in various fields and a briskly growing arena in the dental industry. 3D Printing technology is a huge step in the evolution of the dental industry and offers products and services to customers. Dental 3D printer comprises both the material and software, which is capable of delivering accurate, highly detailed dental prostheses, precision working models, drill guides & orthodontic thermoforming models, faster & lower at expenses by providing the enhanced and efficient quality. They are capable of producing models, parts and even complete restorations out of a range of materials. The 3D printing allows the dentist to produce customised designs for various categories of products and involves the combination of CAD/CAM, oral scanning, and designing. The advanced technologies help in exploring the potential for better treatment and producing dental parts straight from CAD design imagery and many of the major key manufacturers are changing their way to develop novel technologies in 3D printing for the development of modern dentistry.

According to the Envision Inteligence, Dental 3D printing market size is estimated to be $1.42 billion in 2017 and expected to reach up to $7.98 billion by the end of 2025 with a CAGR of 24.86% during the forecast period 2019-2025. Growth in the geriatric population, rising adoption of dental 3D printers in hospitals and clinics, increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry, high incidence of dental caries and other dental diseases and growing disposable income in developing countries are the major factors boosting the growth of the market. Moreover, increasing popularity of CAD/CAM technologies and emerging demand for the 3D dental printing are providing an ample number of opportunities in a coming couple of decades.

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Increasing geriatric population and disposable income lead to increasing dental expenditure during the forecast period. This results in increasing requirement for the dental equipment and services. Services providers are expected to have a major share owing to increasing outsourcing done by small dental hospitals, laboratories, clinics. The dental 3D scanners and 3D printers are also generating significant revenues as this equipment is designed as per the needs of the dentist for various diagnosis by providing extreme accuracy, more convenient chairside care and tighter control over treatments plans. Of all the technologies, vat photopolymerization technology is accounted for a large share of the global market owing to the high precision and accuracy of this technology.

Dental laboratories use various 3D printing technologies and are generating huge revenues during the forecast period due to increasing adoption of advanced 3D printing technologies by the dental laboratories, growing demand of customised dental framing solutions and rising number of dental laboratories. The key players in the market are increasing their revenues by forming partnerships, mergers & acquisitions and by introducing novel technologies into the market. Recently, Stratasys, Ltd. has introduced the object Eden 260VS dental 3D printer that is engineered to meet the demanding production for the mid-sized dental labs and mid-to-large-sized orthodontic labs. One of the world’s market leader, EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems provides the industry 3D printing of metals, plastics and extensive portfolio of the solutions mainly focusing on the polymer technology to increase its market share during the forecast period.

Modern dentistry has displayed sparks of accuracy, precision and effectiveness because of increasing usage of nascent technologies within dentistry. Moreover, the 3D printing market is projected to gain benefits from the popularity of braces, bridges, dental implants and crowns. Dentist’s efficiency is also enhancing the use of specialised tools and equipment for dental 3D printing and increasing demand for 3D printing in the dental diagnosis equipment’s.

Coming to the geography, North America holds the large share in the global dental 3D printing market during the forecast period because of rising incidence of dental caries and tooth loss associated with the ageing population, growing oral care expenditure, technological advancements, increasing demand of cosmetic energy and rising popularity of the digital dentistry in this region.

APAC region is showing substantial growth in the dental 3D printing market during the forecast period. This growth is attributed due to increasing number of ageing population, increasing adoption of the 3D printing in the dental diagnosis in the medium and large sized labs and many manufacturers are releasing the novel technologies for the dentist for the diagnosis in the dental labs and clinics. Coming to the Europe region, the dental 3D printing has moderate growth during the forecast period due to the presence of major players in this region and increasing demand for the digital dentistry.

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